Cosmic Life was conceived on a hot, sunny day in the neighborhood of Mānoa on the island of Oahu in Hawai'i. Two gorgeous brown queer unicorns were wandering through the streets talking astrology, smelling plumerias, looking fly AF and bashing dating apps...and then it happened!!! Uranian lightning struck their Galactic centered horns and in true synastry  Gemini Mars conjunct Sun in Gemini opposed Uranus fashion they simultaneously exclaimed "WHY DON'T we create a dating app that matches users based on astrological synergies?" That was in 2015. It is now 2018 and we are almost ready to launch: 


Cosmic Life is much more than just an APP that helps you find your star crossed lovers and star family. Cosmic Life is also a platform to re-educate us on our ancient relationship to the STARS and who we are as humanity within the context of evolving cyclical TIME. 

Cosmic Life ambitions to cultivate an astrological community through both EDUCATION, astrologically centered EVENT PLANNING and by connecting YOU to your local queer POC astrologers so that we can ALL gain sustenance from the wisdom of the planetary clock and once again lead our lives in rhythm with the planetary currents. WE ARE SO THRILLED to HAVE YOU ON THIS JOURNEY!