Q: What are synergies?

A: Synergies are the aspects that planets form to each other across two user's charts. For example if A has Venus at 2 degrees Scorpio and B has Mars at 2 Scorpio as well, then the synergistic relationship between user A's Venus and user B's Mars is a Venus-Mars Conjunction. Get it?

Q: Does my birth time have to be correct?

A: YES!!!!!!!! This is very important. Even if your time of birth is off by only several minutes it can change your natal chart quite significantly therefore altering the accuracy of both matching and astrological readings. Many of the synergies will still hold true as some planets move rather slowly and so matching will still be accurate to some extent BUT to get the most out of Cosmic Life you need your exact birth time. Incorrect birth information will impact your Moon sign, the accuracy of your Ascendant and therefore your house placements. 

Q: What if i don't know my birth time?

A: There are several ways to retrieve your correct birth time. Ask your parents. If your parents do not know the exact time get a rough time  ie. early morning, afternoon, late night etc. Contact the hospital you were born in and request a hospital record of you birth. Request a copy from the health department or vital records office associated with the county, province, or state where you were born. Ask for the "long form" of you birth certificate which contains detailed data of your birth. Take whatever information you were able to gather to an astrologer that performs chart rectifications and they can help you figure out/approximate a birth time with several highly fascinating steps.

Q: will cosmic life tell me everything i need to know about a match and our dynamics?

A: No. Now don't get it twisted. Cosmic Life WILL find you matches with whom you share an incredible astrological connection. However, the scope of this APP does not allow us to go into full exploration of what these synergies mean between you. To deeply delve into this topic we recommend getting a reading from one of our affiliate astrologers. 

Q: should i consult an astrologer?

A: Uhm...we're always going to say YES to this ok. YES! Consult an astrologer. There is such wealth of information in your natal chart that unfolds over time. See an astrologer, ask all your questions and then go see them again and again.

Q: what is matching based on/how does it work?

A: Good Question. We created a complex algorithm that identifies the most significant synergies between people and how they speak to levels of compatibility. Its a mix of awesome harmonies, good compatibility, creative challenges, existential challenges - we categorized them, evaluated them, we sprinkled some magic on them and voila! cosmic connections are made.

Q: one of my synergies sounds really harsh. should i give this match a chance?

A: This APP is meant for interactive engagement with people in your approximate community and for exploring the importance that astrology holds in our lives. Talk to your matches and figure out if what we said was true or just BS - then tell us about it. We can't wait to hear your feedback.